Perume's Futile Attempts at Jokes Riddles and Funny Humor

Perfume's FutileBartendersAttempt
at Jokes Jokes and Riddles

What did the sheep tell the dogs?
Ewe have fleece!

What did the leave tell the tree?
I'm always hanging out on a limb for you!

Which is Mrs. Honey Bee's favorite hairstyle?
The beehive!

What is a Bee's favorite song?
Oh, Honeycomb!

What message did the golf ball send to the lawn?
Meet me at the Club Hole for some Tee!

What did the finger say to the knuckle?
One more crack out of you and I'll kick you
out of the joint!

What did the postage stamp say to the letter?
Why don't you and I just stick together!

What did the letter say to the postman?
You send me!

What is the skeleton called when it refuses to work?
Lazy Bones!

What do skeletons do at wild parties?
They shake rattle and roll!

What did the shoe say to the sock?
Something sure stinks around here!

What is a German Shepard on a summer day?
A hot dog!

What did the doctor say to the tennis shoe?
Stick out your tongue!

What did the quarter say to the penny?
I make more cents than you!

What did the ice pick say to the other ice pick?
We need to break the ice!

What did the skeleton exclaim after his 1 mile run?
I'm bone tired!

Why did the elephant run to the police department?
To make a report that his trunk had been held up!

There were 3 little boys bragging about their dads.
The first little boy bragged that his dad had gotten
2 stripes for flying and airplane in the Army.
The second little boy bragged that his dad had gotten
4 stripes for flying a jet in the Army.
The third little boy yelled out, "Awe, that's nothing!
my dad got stripes all over for robbing a bank!

Perfume will have many more of her incredibly silly and
stupid riddles and jokes! Come back again, to find more
futile attempts to be funny!
Perfume7 @:(

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