Husband Wife

Husband Wife and Handsome Stranger
Funny Humor! Or Is It?

Are you a husband who regards the wrongs he
has committed as lawful, but those of his
as unlawful? If so, you are like those
extinct savages who lived in caves and covered
their nakedness with hides.

Or are you a faithful companion, whose wife is
ever at his side; sharing his every thought,
rapture, and victory? If so you are as one
who at dawn walks at the head of a nation
toward the high noon of justice,
reason and wisdom.
~Kahlil Gibran

Mr. John Doe came home from work early
and found his wife in bed with a handsome
young man. Just as Mr. Doe was about to
storm out, she stopped him and said,
"Before you leave,
I'd like you to know how this happened."

"When I was driving home from shopping
this afternoon, I hit a hole in the pavement.
The hole was filled with water.
Great blobs of mud spattered all over this man.
Without a trace of anger, he looked at me and
said, "What rotten luck. I have a very
important meeting this afternoon and just
look a me!"

I told him that I was terribly sorry
and offered to clean him up.
He seemed grateful and I brought him home.

"He undressed in the bathroom and I
handed him the bathrobe I bought you
for Christmas a few years ago.
It no longer closes in front because of
your pot belly. While his clothes were
drying I gave him lunch - the casserole
you missed last night because you
decided to go out with the guys
after work. He said it was the best
home cooked meal he'd had in months.
I told him it was the first compliment I
had received about my cooking in years.
We talked while I pressed his shirt and
it was wonderful to have a conversation
with a man who seemed interested in what
I had to say.

Suddenly, he notice the ironing board
was wobbly. I had asked you a dozen times
to fix it, but you were always too busy.
The handsome stranger fixed the ironing
board in 10 minutes and then he actually
put the tools away.

"As he was about to leave, he asked with
a smile, 'Is there anything eles your
husband has neglected lately?' And that
is the end of my story!"

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