The Beer Necessesities
Chip and Ale Tips

Bitterness describes the distinct flavor that alpha acids
in hops give beer. These acids also acted as a natural
preservative that kept beer from spoiling in the days
before refrigeration. Hops also have aromatic qualities
that give beer a flowery or spicy smell, or bouquet.

The way the beer feels in your mouth is called mouthfeel.
Mouthfeel describes the thickness of the beer's body.
Beer is described as lightbodied. Usually, the darker the
beer, the fuller the body. To wit:
Light beer is light bodied; pale ale is medium bodied;
stout is fullbodied. Other mouthfeel terms might be creamy,
chewy, humongous, gargantuan, and poo poo.

Grains other than barley that are added to beer are called
"adjuncts." Adjuncts like corn and rice are cheaper than
barley and give beer a lighter color and flavor. While
common as rain, corn gives beer a "chicken-feed" "all-malt"
on the label. Beer brewed with corn and rice should cost less than all-malt brews.

Fermentation is the process whereby yeast manufactures enzymes
to break down sugar molecules. The result is that sugar is
turned into alcohol and carbon dioxide, which is also known
as the bubbles in your beer. Hops are flowers from hop
plant. When barley is heated through a malting process,
the final product becomes known as malt or malted barley.

The thick froth of yeast foam floating on top of fermenting
wort is called barm. Barm is more often called "krausen."

The German immigrants didn't give up their beer;
they made Milwaukee famous.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beer
Stuart A. Kallen

The most alcoholic beer is Samichlaus Bier brewed by
Brauerai Hurlimann of Zurich, Switerland. It is 13.70%
alcholol by volume at 20 C with an orginal gravity of
1117.8, The strongest beer as measured by origianl gravity
is the German EKU Kulminatur Urtyp hell 28 with 1131.7 and
13.52% alcohol by volume at 20 C.
The weakest liquid ever marketed as a beer was sweet
ersatz beer which was brewed in Germany by Sunner, Coln-Kalk,
in 1918. It had an original gravity of 1000.96, with less
than 0.2% alcohol.

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