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How do mummies like to drink their coffee?

What did the doctor tell the little mummy at her checkup?
You grue-some!

When can you tell when a mummy has a cold?
She starts coffin!

Do mummies enjoy being mummies?
Of corpse!

What does a mummie take for a cough?
Coffin drops!

Who belong to the Pyrimid PTA?
Mummies and Deadies!

What games do mummies like to play?

Why don't flies fly through screens?
They don't want to strain themselves.

Where do moths go to dance?
The Mothball.

How do bees get to school?
They take the buzz!

What do spiders like with their hamburgers?
French flies!

How many family members came to the picnic?
Three sisters, two uncles and 10,000 ants!

What does a fruit fly do in a cornfield?
It goes in one ear and out the other!

What do you call two spiders who just got married?
Newly Webs!

What bug is the best ball player?
The spider, its good at catching flies!
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